DS-102N-23 Cyclone Suction Mat

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Suction Mat: 702 * 1207 * 43 (mm)
Dust Collector + Sensor: 250 * 750 * 900 (mm)

Application field and industry
  • Multi-use facilities such as airports, public institutions, hospitals, offices, schools, government offices, exhibition halls, restaurants, food service centers, nursing homes, hospitals, residential complexes, companies, factory buildings, etc.
  • Semiconductor IT companies, HACCP companies, pharmaceutical companies, Cosmetic companies, laboratories, food processing, bio-related, precision machinery and micro-processing industries
  •  Existing clean room (air shower room)It can be easily installed in existing Air Shower Room.Washable with water and durable, semi-permanent.
 Walking impact
-Drops dirt on the soles of shoes.
-Drop suction into the grating top grating clearance.

Scattering dust
- Fall after scattering dust due to walking impact-Falling to the space of grating and intermediate plate-
-Preventing re-scattering and waiting for suction

 Torsional pressure
-Walking action generates torsional pressure at the bottom of the shoe.

- Strong suction: Cyclone dust collector
-Dust over 10 microns is collected by dust collection tray
-Fine dust removal: HEPA filter
-Collect 99% of dust up to 1㎛ dust 
-Extended HEPA filter life greatly reduces consumable costs
-It works in sync with the Air Shower operation time.

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DS-102N-23 Cyclone Suction Mat

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